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The Right Name for the Right Cousin

Author Unknown

Your FIRST cousin is your parent's brother's (or sister's) child. The first cousin's child, however, is not your second cousin, he is your First Cousin once removed. The child of your first cousin once removes if our First cousin twice removed etc.

Your SECOND cousin is your grandparent's brother's (or sister's) grandchild. That second cousin's child is your Second cousin once removed, and his child is your Second cousin twice removed, etc.

Your THIRD cousin is your great-grandparent's brother's (or sister's) great-grandchild. The third cousin's child is your Third cousin once removed, his child is your Third cousin twice removed.


An ANCESTOR is the person from who you descend directly, such as a grandparent or great-grandparent.

COLLATERAL RELATIONS are those relatives who are linked by a common ancestor, as aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

A DESCENDANT is the person who descends directly from you children, grandchildren, etc.

A GRANDNEPHEW or GRANDNIECE is the grandchild of your brother or sister.

A GREAT-AUNT or GREAT-UNCLE is the sister or brother of your grandparents.

HALF SISTERS or HALF BROTHERS are children of your mother and stepfather or of your father and stepmother, or of either parent of a former marriage.

IN-LAWS are your connections by the law of marriage (as distinct from relatives by blood). They are your husband's or wife's relatives and your brother's or sister's spouse.

LINEAL RELATIONS are those in the direct line of ascent or descent, as a grandfather or granddaughter.

SIBLINGS are brothers and sisters.

A STEPCHILD is the child of your spouse, by a prior marriage.

A STEPFATHER or STEPMOTHER is the spouse of your parent not your father or mother.

A STEPSISTER OR STEPBROTHER is the child of your parent's prior marriage or of a future marriage to a person not your parent.

All clear now, right?

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