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Social Security Numbers

Finding Social Security Numbers

If your subject died in a hospital or nursing home, the "face sheet" of the file has vital statistics about the person, including a SSN, nursing homes & hospitals are busy places & phone requests may be denied. A written request explaining the purpose or a visit may be better. If you subject served in teh military for WWI or WWII, his discharge was required to be recorded a the county court house where he resided at the time of dishcarge. These records will include the Military Service Number for the person. Write to the national Personnel Records Center, 9700 Page Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63132. However, a disastrous fire in 1973 caused considerable loss of records from 1912 - 1959. Active duty or veterans receiving veteran benefits from 1973 forward were reconstructed. From DD214 will give a SSn and other vitals.

How to Learn Where Social Security Numbers Were Issued

Every Social Security Number has nine digits - the first three digits can be used to learn where the number was. issued - the location where the applicant first applied for a Social Security Number. This is not necessarily the person's birth place, but often the location of their first job.

One of the first publicly financed social security systems, known as por laws, was developed in the late 16th century in England. Theneed for a more extensive social support system grew in the United States during the mid to late 8100s with industrialization. The Social Security Act was passed in 1935; since then the Social Security Act has been modifed mre thatn 20 times by major amendments.

Social Security Number Prefixes

These prefixes indicate the state in which the Social Security Number was issued. This will assist you in identifying the state in which the individual lived or was possibly born. This is a big help when you are searching the Internet. The prefixes are the first three digits of the SSn. Railroad workers were assigned a different prefix regardless of which state issued the number because railroad workers' retirement system preceded Social Security and was administered by The Railroad Retirement Board, a federal board.

New Hampshire 001-003 Louisiana 433-439
Maine 004-007 Oklahoma 440-448
Vermont 008-009 Texas 449-467
Massachusetts 010-034 Minnesota 468-477
Rhode Island 035-039 Iowa 478-485
Connecticut 040-049 Missouri 486-500
New York 050-134 North Dakota 501-502
New Jersey 135-158 South Dakota 503-504
Pennsylvania 159-211 Nebraska 505-508
Maryland 212-220 Kansas 508-515
Delaware 221-222 Montana 516-517
Virginia 223-231 Idaho 518-519
West Virginia 232-236 Wyoming 520
North Carolina 237-246 Colorado 521-524
South Carolina 247-251 New Mexico 525-585
Georgia 252-260 Arizona 526-527
Florida 261-267 Utah 528-529
Ohio 268-302 Nevada 530
Indiana 303-302 Washington 531-539
Illinois 318-361 Oregon 540-544
Michigan 362-386 California 545-576
Wisconsin 387-399 Alaska 574
Kentucky 400-407 Hawaii 575-576
Tennessee 408-415 District of Columbia 577-579
Alabama 416-424 Virgin Islands 580
Mississippi 425-428 PR, Guam, AS, PI 581-586
Railroad 700-729    

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